Social Finance Israel


Yaron Neudorfer - CEO

Yaron Neudorfer

Yaron Neudorfer oversaw the establishment of Social Finance Israel. He previously served for seven years as CFO of The Jewish Agency, the largest not-for-profit organisation in the country, overseeing a budget of more than $400million and responsible for all fiscal, financial and budgetary considerations of the organisation and its subsidiary companies (some are for-profit). Prior to joining The Jewish Agency, Yaron served for 12 years in various positions in the Israeli Ministry of Finance, overseeing projects within social areas such as healthcare and education. In his final position at the Ministry of Finance, he was stationed in New York City, representing the Israeli government vis-à-vis credit rating agencies and implementing the borrowing program of the State of Israel in the Western hemisphere, through various vehicles including retail bonds (Israel Bonds organisation), sovereign credit and loan guarantees.

Yaron holds a BA in accounting and economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He is married with 2 children.

Ira Friedman - Vice President

Ira Friedman

Ira has 20 years of experience in finance and the capital market. Prior to joining SFI Ira served as CEO at Tamir Fishman Asset Management, one of the leading investment houses in Israel.

Between 2004-2007 Ira established and managed a company managing provident funds in Tamir Fishman.

Prior positions include managing the business desk at Clal Finance Batucha, manager at the commercial division of Bank Leumi and economist at the banks supervision division at the Bank of Israel.

Ira holds a license for investments marketing from the ISA.

Ira has a B.A in economics and business administration and an M.A in Business Administration (specializing in finance) and Economics (specializing in macroeconomics) from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Shlomi Zidky - Director

Shlomi Zidky

Prior to joining SFI, Shlomi was the CEO of Israel's Hope (יש סיכוי) for two years and he also served as a senior consultant to the Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor in Israel for a year and a half. He has also worked as a consultant and project manager for business consulting companies. 

Shlomi holds an M.A. in Economics from Bar Ilan University and an M.A. in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University

Ilya (Luka) Skorochod, Adv. - Senior Associate

Ilya (Luka) Skorochod, Adv.

After clerking in M&A and corporate litigation and joining the Law Bar Ilya was a research fellow on financial derivatives at the Bank of Israel and a Corporate Finance Analyst for a boutique Investment Bank. Prior to joining Social Finance Israel he was involved, on the finance side, with several impact and technology oriented ventures including inter alia community currencies, rural development and crowd financing.

Ilya (Luka) holds a bachelor's degree in law and a masters in finance from the Hebrew University.


Emanuel Bohbot - Associate

Emanuel Bohbot

Emanuel Bohbot has joined Social Finance Israel as one of the founding team members in june 2013,  in order to deisgn and manage Social Impact Bonds which tackle a number of critical social issues in Israel. Emmanuel served as the project manager for Israels first social impact bond  (the Social impact bond to reduce drop-out from higher education).

Previously, Emanuel was the director of research at the Rashi Foundation, one of Israel's largest foundations which focuses on educational opportunities and reduction of welfare inequalities and, prior to joining the Rashi Foundation, was a quantitative market researcher in a large business-oriented research institute (C.I.). 

Emanuel holds a BA in psychology from the Ben-Gurion University in Beer-Sheva and a MA in psychology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is a lecturer in statistics and research methods at the Open University.

Ruth Lotan - Associate

Ruth Lotan

Prior to joining Social Finance Israel Ruth had  practiced strategic consulting and business research in a top Israeli firm - leading a division of 20+ project managers and analysts to assist clients with strategy development, product development, marketing plans, market entry strategies, M&As etc.

Ruth holds a BA in International Affairs & Communication Studies from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. 

Eran Mozel - Performance Manager

Eran Mozel

Eran Mozel served in leading positions in the private, public and NGO sectors. Among others, he served as Chief of Staff to Minister Eitan, as Regulation Manager in a company dealing in renewable energies projects and as Vice President of IUSY (a Global NGO made up of about 150 member organizations from about 100 countries around the world).

Eran holds Bachelor’s degree in Law and in Political Science from the Tel Aviv University. He did his professional legal internship in the Prime Minister’s Office. He holds an MBA (Cum Laude) from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Irit Behr - Office manager and project coordinator

Irit Behr

Irit joined the SFI team after working for 14 years at Morgan Stanley Israel as regional office manager and personal assistant to Yair Seroussi (chairman of Bank Hapoalim). Irit has extensive experience in the fields of customer relations, internal and external communications, and translation. 

In addition to her position in SFI Irit is the resources development manager  for "Tzimaon" a nonprofit organization specializing in education