Social Finance Israel


Investment and Social Sector Research

SFI will conduct an in-depth due diligence process which is required in order to select the appropriate not-for-profit organisation(s) who can deliver the best social service within the Social Impact Bond. In addition to this, SFI will develop expertise regarding the social issues which the Social Impact Bond addresses



SFI will manage all legal, compliance and risk elements of the Social Impact Bond. This includes the establishment of all contracts signed between SFI and: the government of Israel; the bond holders; the not-for-profits organisations; and independent external valuators. 



SFI will continually work with the not-for-profit organisations to monitor their performance and progress. A timely report will be published, allowing bond holders to monitor the performance metrics of the service providers. 


Quantitative Research

SFI will perform quantitative modelling and construction of the Social Impact Bonds, identifying cash flows, coupon rates, yield-to-maturities and capital draw-downs. SFI’s quantitative research will also provide in-depth data analytics of the service provision within each bond which SFl issues.


Investor Relations / Bond Issuance

SFI will manage any issues pertaining to investors of the Social Impact Bond. SFI will conduct “road shows” for Social Impact Bond issuance, as well as the publication of prospectuses and financial reports.