Social Finance Israel


Catalyzing social capital markets through advocating and educating to influence policy, attitudes, and knowledge among the general public and among those directly involved in SiBs, such as government officials, effective notst-for-profi, and academia.


Due to the innovative nature of SiBs, SFI dedicates significant amounts of time and resources on engaging and educating  key policy makers regarding the benefits of new social investment vehicles:

  • Speaking engagement: SFI has repeatedly presented its work at national conferences, as well as business schools and universities.
  • Mentoring: SFI has engaged students at both The Harvard Kennedy School of Government and The Recanati School of Business to determine feasibility of additional Social Impact Bonds.
  • Press Relations: SFI has featured in local press advocating the cause of impact investing, public social partnerships and pay for success models. 

Recent and upcoming events

On October 21st SFI will co host the annual Evalue conference targeted at researches and policy makers in the field of measurement and accountability, hosting a panel on the efficacy of the social impact bond as a catalyst in effective outcome measurement.

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On September 9th Social Finance Israel hosted , alongside Midot a leading Israeli rating organization for non-for-profits, an introductory session for highly effective not-for-profit organizations with the potential of facilitating the development of Social Impact Bonds premised on scaling existing interventions.

For further information see here

Qualified not-for-profits are requested to submit inquires for a feasibility study through the following link